Seeing is believing – omniX the next machine learning platform

It’s not often that we create a technology that has the potential to radically change our life for the better. It’s like an elusive unicorn, always one step ahead or hiding like a “fata morgana” after the corner. Imagine a world where words like “smart” and “intelligent” are not thrown away just to impress with good sounding phrases, but they are truly the embodiment of the dictionary description.

We are omni X. A machine learning platform that enables businesses to create better experiences for customers based on data captured anytime, anywhere.

Let us translate that for you. If you are a store owner and you try to better understand your customer, his habits and preferences, likes and dislikes, his morning rituals and the long strolls through your aisles you are heading for a world of trouble. You either try to do it yourself and discover soon the enormity of the task or you outsource and go to a research agency and, to your dismay, you discover the enormity of the budget. Either way you are heading into tough times!

This is where our technology can revolutionize your way of doing business. Remember the camera system you have installed? Remember those dusty terabytes of data that the state forces you to save just to delete after a period? That can be good for you. Yes, you were doing market research way before you thought you needed it.

Here, at omni X, we offer a way to transform what the camera sees into an enriching brand experience that provides value for your business and for your customer. We can unlock the power of big data for you. It’s the key to your customers heart and a way to “see” your customer data for the first time.

And this in not just for store owners. It is for automotive clients who use omni X to improve registration for service visits. It is for drive through restaurants to adjust the drive-through experience. It is for hotels to greet high-value clients as they arrive. It is also for Real Estate companies which use omni X platform to enable access to their facilities and monitor capacity.

Our proposition is simple. We use machine learning and computer vision to leverage your existing, and we emphasize existing, cameras to see and analyze your customer. We enable cameras to gather context to the video and our software gives cameras a purpose as they collect outcome-driven data that provides you with meaningful and actionable insight.

The future is always cloudy, and we always seem blind to it, but this technology is so simple and straightforward, so scalable and easy to implement that it is impossible not to see where it is going.

We invite you to pay us visit us at and see for yourself. In the end, seeing is believing.

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